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It gets busy cleaning while you enjoy other things

Gone are the days when you have to spend your time...

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Fast and easy cooking

Cooking with Tango Mix will be a cinch. With this food...

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TanGO Slim Plus 1

Slim Plus

Simple but effective

The TanGO Slim Plus may look simple but it has all...

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Ice Cream Maker

Ice Cream

Natural home-made fruit ice-cream

Kids love ice-cream. No doubt about that. But we all...

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TanGO Hobot web 1


Cleans windows inside and out

Nobody likes cleaning windows. So don't! With the TanGO...

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TanGO Multi Chef 1

Multi Chef 5 in 1

Cook delicious, healthy food

Cooking with the TanGO Multi Chef 5 in 1 is extremely...

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AiCleaner Voice

Cleaning was never easier

With your AiCleaner working for you, you can get perfect,...

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TanGO Air Fryer

Air Fryer

Crunch and healthy food

Everybody likes fried food .. but we worry about the...

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TanGO Slim 1


The slimmest

No more weekend vacuuming sessions. Spend the time...

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TanGO Salad

Salad & Chips

Natural ingredients chopped and sliced in seconds

Imagine being able to make a salad in a couple of minutes....

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TanGO Stick 1


Vacuum with ease on floors and furniture

TanGO Vacuum Stick is a 2 in 1 Stick Vaccum Cleaner...

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