TanGO Robot

TanGO Robot was born on 2006 and was one of the first companies to bring cleaning robots into Europe. From the very beggining we were specialized in combining quality with the best prices and it was this balance what turn out to be the key to our success.

After starting up in Europe, Tango is currently in a process of expansion into South America and Asia, with the same branded products, high quality standards and the same goal of improving the living quality of all its clients. Client satisfaction is at the core of our success and at the root of our goals.

We work with cleaning products, kitchen appliances and entertainment products and we are always improving and innovating to bring the best products and improvements to our clients.

All TanGO products comes with a full 1 year warranty. Whenever we design a product the key factors are ease of use, comprehensive functionality and durability. The form and function get combined through the latest technology together with an high level industrial design.

We offer:

     - Quality products

     - The best client support team

     - A full 30 days refund policy, no questions asked.


Contact number - 02031983267

Contact email - info.uk@tangorobot.com