Nobody likes cleaning windows. So don't! With the TanGO Hobot, your window-cleaning days are over. Using it's special tracking software, it cleans the full window surface, inside and out, big window or small, giving you the beautiful clean windows you like. When it's finished you can pop the cleaning cloths in the washing machine to be ready for the next time. Simple and efficient.
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Product Description :

We all like clean windows. At home, the office, a showroom. It always looks better with clean windows. But nobody likes doing the actual window-cleaning! With the TanGO HoBot, you can keep those windows spotless with no effort at all. Just let the HoBot loose on your windows and it will have the job done in no time. Inside and out. With it's powerful processors to compute the cleaning path, to detect edges of window by sensors, to clean the entire window automatically. With micro-fiber based cloth to be easily swapped for wash and reuse. The auto mode can guarantee the robot clean the entire window surface by using edge detection algorithm with the proprietary computer assisted route planning logic. It's specially designed for thick glass (3~60mm or more). It's suitable for double-glass window, show window, store window, and so on. It can also be used on glass tables.

Product Specifications :

  • For any kind thickness glass
  • AI Technology
  • Cleaning speed: 4 min / m2
  • 3 kinds of automatic operation modes for cleaning entire window
  • Auto-finish
  • Embedded UPS (Un-interrupted Power System)
  • Anti-dropping control algorithm
  • Auto detect edges of window
  • Micro-fiber cloth (12 pcs)
  • High strength safety rope (150Kgf)
  • Remote control
  • Table cleaning mode
  • Power consumption: 80W
  • Input voltage: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz